Redlaw is an exquisite law firm located in the heart of the Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania, where centuries of history and the present merge into a unique whole.

Redlaw is the home of your problem solutions. A Redlaw client knows that the legal problem entrusted to this law firm will be solved, and the calm but demanding tone of the Redlaw lawyers will allow them to wait calmly for the outcome of the resolution of the problem.

The Redlaw team specializes in most areas of Lithuanian law, including tax, civil and criminal law. We love challenges and don’t shy away from unusual situations. So, do not hesitate to entrust your problems to the Redlaw team.

Reda Kurlavičienė
Reda Kurlavičienė | Attorney at Law – Managing Partner


Reda is an attorney who cares deeply about her client's issues and lives with their concerns until they are resolved. "All or nothing" could be Reda's motto, describing the means and methods employed to completely alleviate her client's concerns. Read More

Due to this approach to problem-solving, the attorney is adept at establishing a relationship with her client based on unwavering trust, which can last for decades without limit.

For more than twenty years, Reda has not only addressed her clients' tax planning and unjust taxation issues, but has also provided assistance in other areas of law: civil disputes and criminal cases. She meticulously engages with the client, thoroughly examining each document they provide. This thorough approach enables her to establish a consistent legal position from the outset, one that remains steadfast throughout the dispute. Such consistency and attention to every detail enable the attorney to not only achieve significant victories representing clients, but also to shape the interpretation and application of law in Lithuanian courts.

Reda's professionalism and warm, understanding communication will make you feel at home, and Redlaw will become your go-to place for solving your problems.

Areas of Practice: įmonių teisė; atstovavimas civilinės bei darbo teisės ginčuose; mokesčių teisė, konsultavimas mokesčių planavimo ir optimizavimo klausimais; baudžiamoji teisė.

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Eglė Beržinskaitė
Eglė Beržinskaitė | Attorney at Law


Eglė is an attorney with no lost cases to her name. This lawyer is not intimidated by disputes that others consider unwinnable; she takes them on courageously and resolutely, as her primary focus is to assist her client. Read More

The attorney approaches each client's problem methodically—step by step until the issue is resolved—because Eglė understands how important it is to persevere and achieve set goals. "If you can dream it, you can do it." – words that aptly describe Eglė's character traits. Her determination and tenacity are also reflected in her career. She started in a law firm as an administrator during her student years and has now been a practicing attorney for five years.

With nearly a decade of legal experience, Eglė, leveraging her professional knowledge and insights, guides clients toward resolving their issues in civil disputes, contract formation, and negotiations. She offers expert assistance in obtaining licenses, as well as in starting and expanding businesses. Eglė's ability to listen and understand allows clients to comfortably entrust their problems and concerns to her, and her determination and tenacity lead her clients to victory.

Areas of Practice: Litigation, corporate law, commercial and contract law, real estate and construction law, family law.

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Rolandas Balčikonis
Rolandas Balčikonis | Expert – Associated Partner


Rolandas is an expert in mergers and acquisitions as well as contract law. He studied at New York University's Stern School of Business, Mykolas Romeris University, Vytautas Magnus University, and Kaunas University of Technology. He holds a Doctorate in Law, as well as Master's degrees in Finance, Banking, and Marketing. Read More

Over more than twenty years of legal work, he has participated in dozens of acquisitions and sales of Lithuanian and foreign companies, restructuring of manufacturing companies, attracting financing (including company listings), and large-scale real estate and new production development projects. He has accumulated extensive experience in successfully resolving various types of shareholder disputes.

Believes that diligence, empathy, meticulousness, and patience, as well as honesty and courage, should accompany every step of our lives.

Areas of Practice: tarptautiniai sandoriai, įmonių susijungimai ir įsigijimai, sandorių struktūrizavimas, akcininkų konfliktai, sutarčių teisė, įmonių teisė, nekilnojamojo turto teisė.

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Rūta Laurinkė
Rūta Laurinkė | Associate


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States has said, 'No other branch of law touches so many aspects of human life as tax law. This area of law will never be simple, but one can strive to make it not overly complicated. Ruta Laurinke is a legal assistant who takes care of client issues in such a way that this mission is fulfilled every time. Read More

While studying at the university, Ruta's chosen specialization in law was tax law. The knowledge she began accumulating during her studies, and subsequently deepened through legal practice in this specific area of law, led to Ruta's overarching goal – to ensure that every client, and not just clients, who encounters tax law understands the reasons for that encounter and leaves Ruta's office without a problem.

Ruta is characterized by a responsible and caring approach to the issues her clients are facing. Her attention to detail and meticulousness, along with her ability to see the bigger picture, allows for a thorough analysis of the situation and offers clients alternative ways to resolve their problems. Possessing these qualities, Ruta is capable of creating a comfortable legal clarity for clients during compliance actions and in the pre-litigation stage of dispute resolution. She helps to carry out often intricate actions related to the proper implementation of tax obligations, find answers, and make effective and economical decisions for clients. Therefore, any Redlaw client who encounters the complex branch of tax law in real-life situations and entrusts their problem to Ruta can feel at ease.

Areas of Practice: mokesčių teisė, muitų teisė, administracinė teisė. Konsultavimas mokesčių teisės klausimais, klientų atstovavimas mokesčių administratoriui atliekant kontrolės veiksmus, ikiteisminiuose mokestiniuose ginčuose, derybose su mokesčių administratoriumi. Klientų atstovavimas savivaldos ir valstybės institucijose, administracinių ginčų komisijoje.

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Vilmantas Rastenis | Associate


Vilmantas believes that a true professional can explain complex things simply. Therefore, he strives to provide clients with as much information as possible about the actions being taken, their benefits, and risks. Vilmantas encourages clients to actively participate in the process and make decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of the situation, not emotions. Read More

When asked about the prospects of a case, you will always hear the answer: one of two - either we will win, or we will not, but you will also receive a detailed explanation of why every little thing can turn the case in the other direction. As a result, there are no pre-won or pre-lost cases for Vilmantas - he pays maximum attention and makes every effort to ensure that the client's interests are represented regardless of how favourable or difficult the situation may be. 

Before joining the Redlaw team, Vilmantas gained professional experience at the Supreme Court of Lithuania, where he worked on the most difficult and high-profile cases. He contributed to the formation of court practice and had the opportunity to learn from the highest level legal professionals. Vilmantas' many years of experience in the Lithuanian court system allows him to not only clearly and logically justify the client's position, but also to anticipate the arguments that the opposing party will present. Therefore, using his strong legal and logical reasoning skills, he is always one step ahead of his opponents.

Areas of Practice: criminal law, criminal procedure, administrative offences, labor law

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Lukas Juodelis | Associate


"Justice is the constant and perpetual wish to render unto each his due". Guided by this principle formulated by the Roman jurist Ulpian, Lukas is always prepared to ensure the highest level of legal assistance for his clients. Read More

Lukas has accumulated over ten years of legal work experience in courts: at the Vilnius City District Court, the Lithuanian Court of Appeal, and for the past five years, at the Supreme Court of Lithuania. Being closely acquainted with the specific work of courts at all levels, Lukas is able to precisely identify details that are crucial in shaping judges' internal convictions, which can determine the outcome of a case. However, not all legal disputes have to reach the courtroom. Lukas believes that cooperating with the client and choosing the right strategy in advance can often help avoid lengthy and resource-intensive legal proceedings.

By entrusting your problems to Lukas, you can be confident that your rights and interests will be properly defended.

Areas of Practice: criminal law, criminal procedure law, administrative offense proceedings, labor law, legal disputes with public administration entities

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Guostė Ramaneckaitė
Guostė Ramaneckaitė | Office manager


Guostė – an office manager whose experience in management in the service sector, gained in Lithuania and abroad, has become an integral part of her life. Organization, communicability, and dedication to work are the main principles that guide Guostė in ensuring smooth office operations every day. 'The key to success is the happiness of the people you work with,' says Guostė. Read More

Guostė understands the importance of teamwork, as well as giving individual attention to each client and colleague. She has mastered the art of tackling daily challenges with a smile and being a reliable support for the entire team. Guostė demonstrates high competence not only in efficiently managing the flow of legal documents and ensuring smooth administrative processes, but also in her ability to motivate and inspire the team towards common goals. Her professionalism and ability to find personally tailored solutions for each situation make her not only a valuable team member but also the heart of the office, maintaining the pulse of a well-coordinated organization. For this, Guostė is highly valued by her colleagues.

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